America 2013

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America 2013

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America 2013 is an event/cause in order to change the future of the world. For many years has America ruled our world economy, our world's face and a huge amount of our world's history. They have held what we call the "Celebrity" Spot in the world. But at the same time they have done lots of wrongs. An example of a wrong they have done would be change the face of the muslim society; a normal Islamic boy once went to school not being called names. One day as unfortunate as it seems a terrorist named Osama flew a plane into the Twin Towers on Spetember 11th. That day many died in the USA. Yet that said, even more died in other countries, they died when they heard the words terrorist called upon them. That brainwashed many people into thinking the whole muslim society was a terrorism group. What about Kony 2012? You know make him visible? Scam? Yes. How many people read when Kony died? A few thousand probably but how many people donated to this? about over a few million. Kony died 5 years ago. Or atleast he hasn't caused pain to anywhere since if you are a believer that he's still alive. Who knows where the money went? it may not be so clear and 100% true. There are people who think something around the corners of world conquering. There are many possibilities to why America is doing this. None of them link to what America calls "Freedom".

What we need to find out by this event/cause:
-What exaclty is america doing sending soldiers to Afghanistan?
-Why is america doing this?
-Is what America is doing related to end of all non-renewable resources?
-Where did the money of Kony 2012 exactly go to?

Our Theory

America is trying to stay in the top by killing every other country's chances in order to make sure they farm up the oil left in the earth by stopping the strongest of competition. They money of Kony 2012 went to aiding the american government in thier road to buy more oil plots than anyone else (this is shown by the increasing number of america's oil plots deployed in africa) after which they will sell at high prices. This is a fool proof plan. That may or may not be true. the reason you can not sue america would be because Kony 2012 was not hosted by america it self unlike every other american project thus america can't be blamed for the millions we gave to them. Yes our point is the money, that's what america cares about (theory).


America may or may not be trying to take over everything in the end but, we still need to find out about the unnessary deaths in Afghanistan and the acusation of all the Muslim society.

*The Muslim Society Is just an example of a fact.